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Erresei was established in 1996 as a company specializing in the assembly of electronic components.
At the beginning of its activity Erresei focused on consolidation of its technical skills, which initially contributed to make it reliable and at a later stage became the key for its evolution and success.
In the early 2000s, Erresei opened up to the lighting market combining its strong electronic experience with its innovation spirit. The company bet on its own future thus becoming one of the main business actors for the "Made in Italy" custom LED lighting solutions, addressing to companies and designers.

The products, for indoor and outdoor use, are manufactured according to the highest quality standards and can meet a wide range of application needs. A valuable advice service helps customers in both project and production phase.

Erresei has not abandoned its roots: together with the production of LED lighting solutions it has maintained and optimized the production of semi-finished products, wiring systems as well as the assembly of electronic equipment; the company has proven to be an inexhaustible source of new ideas for well-advanced products.


Erresei's decisions underline the company mission, its willingness to be particularly active in the field of customization, design and contract.
Having a prompt reply to the current lighting market demands, especially to international businesses, is the main objective of the company, which is committed to studying new and unique products conceived and produced as having an outright message: "the light is knowLEDge, inspires and uncovers, giving life to new matter where the matter doesn't exist".
The starting element is always and only one: the light, but light applications and utilizations are various: through the play of shadows and colours it creates new atmospheres using elements which are, from time to time, functional, original and helpful.
In every shape, in each technical solution Erresei's creativity never goes out.


The light is the starting point and from the light you get anywhere: the future is our goal, which means further increasing our product range.
Erresei aims at the interaction with always new partners and facing to market demands that have been never explored before it conveys its energies to the development of applied technologies with the goal of continuous innovation taking advantage from a great company know how.


Erresei started as an individual business dealing with assembling, testing and packaging of mechanical, plastic, electrical and electronic components on behalf of third parties.

The company specialized in assembling of different types of electronic boards, especially LED boards for various applications, though its evolution didn't allow yet the production of real lighting solutions as those we see nowadays.

The will to develop their own specific items became reality when Erresei produced the first LED products, including RGB (Red, Green, Blue) bars and the first prototypes of overhead projectors.

The development of the latest version of overhead projectors, the "Crazy Light Aluminium", and other innovative products marks the official entry of Erresei in the market of LED products.

Erresei becomes a LTD company. Among the many company's goals, Erresei aims at significantly increasing the sales of its own products.

This year marks the achievement of the set target - their own products come to represent more than 50% of sales. Erresei starts an evolution phase, which will lead it to design and develop a range of finished products for various industry sectors.

Erresei specializes in indoor furniture lighting and develops solutions for promotional items; in this new business Erresei is not only producer of lighting solutions but also expert consultant, guiding and orienting customers at each step of their choice.

The turning point. Now the customers have the opportunity to choose among a wide range of semi-finished products and also many high-quality lighting finished products, including the possibility to develop not only the electronic but also the mechanical part.

Erresei addresses its offer to retail and contract niche markets, which are interested in customized LED solutions to meet specific aesthetic, functional and economic needs.

Proud of the results achieved in recent years, Erresei started an ambitious growth path. In addition to obtaining the certification ISO9001-2008, which has leaded to the optimization of internal processes and higher product quality and consequently prompter response to customer needs, the key points in the project has been, on the one hand, the planning of a clear marketing policy and, on the other hand, the company entry in international markets. One of the company goals is the continuous development of new and more and more innovative products, which represent the perfect combination of technology and design.