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Our flexible LED stripes are of excellent quality and for professional applications, which highlight their reliability and guaranteed duration.
Being adaptable to curved surfaces they can be used in special applications thanks to their modularity, which in some models reaches 2.5 cm, with a greater adaptability to the various requested measures, avoiding unaesthetic holes of lighting.
Our products with constant voltage supply of 12V or 24V are all CE certificated, some of them also UL, dimmable with high CRI, on request.
Erresei LED stripes are supplied assembLED and wired on support selected in order to ensure the adequate dissipation according to the product power.


Strip LED width 8mm, voltage 12V, power 9.8W, with 120 LED/m and 920lm/m


Strip LED width 10mm, voltage 12V, power 14.4W, with 60 LED/m and 1380lm/m


Strip LED width 10mm, voltage 24V, power 14.4W, with 60 LED/m and 1380lm/m


Strip LED length 10mm, voltage 24V, power 19,8W, with 240 LED/m and 1430lm