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PIR (infrared and dusk-to-dawn) motion sensors allow automatic activation of the light sources connected to them.
The PIR electronic circuits and dusk-to-dawn switches by Erresei are all Made in Italy, manufactured in-house and designed to minimize the overall dimensions.
Our products are of top quality and reliability and are studied to manage low voltage lighting solutions.
Some models offer the possibility of adjusting both sensibility and activation time at the discretion of the end user.
On customer request, Erresei can develop sensor boards of different shapes and very small dimensions for varied applications and offers the possibility of customizing the management software also on existing products.


Twilight sensor 26.6x34.5mm, voltage 12-24, power 42-84W


Occupancy sensor 42.4x40.9mm, voltage 12-24V, infrared power 42-84W with sensitive regulation (remote) and starting time (standard programming min. 2s and max....